The premier award for truly great companies 

The businesses that are leading the way toward a socially and environmentally sustainable economy deserve to be recognized and emulated. The Stakeholders’ Choice Awards (SCA) do just that.

SCA winners inspire revolutionary ways of doing business. They combine profit with a higher purpose. The positive impact they make on their teams, their communities, and beyond is intentional, tangible, and measurable. They are the future of business. 

For Companies Who Step Up

If your company is already leading the way,
then the SCAs are for you

  • Be recognized for your areas of leadership
  • Teach others how to improve
  • Expand your brand and your impact
  • Learn where you still have work to do and how to do it.

If you want to lead but need help learning what to do,
then the SCA’s are also for you.

  • Create a baseline metric on key performance areas
  • Acknowledge strengths and prioritize next steps
  • Learn from other companies that can help you
  • Set a course for leadership in your industry


Unlike other awards, the application for the SCAs is fast and easy.  

  • It will guide you through the criteria
  • Ask you to complete a short self assessment
  • Ask you to share what is special about your company
  • Collect some basic information about your company


If you are selected as one of up to 25 finalists, you’ll go through our first-of-its kind stakeholder assessment process in which your own stakeholders will evaluate your company’s performance on the award criteria. Finalists will be charged a one-time fee of $750 to help cover the cost of the training, one-on-one consultant support, and your company’s custom Stakeholder Score Report (if you have completed a Stakeholder Score assessment within the past 12 months you will not have to pay for or complete a new assessment). Exceptions may be in made on a case by case basis. By applying below you are under no obligation to pay anything, unless you are chosen as a finalist, at which point you can decide if you would like to proceed.

  • Your own stakeholders are the award judges
  • You are guided through the assessment process & receive a custom Stakeholder Score Report
  • You receive training in stakeholder management from our team
  • You get results and recommendations from expert consultants


Five companies will be selected as Honorees and they will be the focus of a global convening of the 100 Months to Change Coalition in Denver Colorado on April 20, 2023.  Their achievements and the people and innovations behind them will be the subject of podcasts and articles that will be distributed to business schools and business changemakers all over the world.

So, are you in?

Applications for the 2023 Awards are due by 12:00am PST on October 31, 2022. Have questions? Email


The SCAs use the Stakeholder Score to measure the impact of your company. Your company will be reviewed through the lens of the Six Areas.

Collaborative Relationships

The company builds long-term trusting partnerships through open communication and transparency that helps all of the people impacted by the business to thrive.

Helping People Thrive

In addition to creating jobs, the company cultivates the talents and potential of the people it impacts to help them live their best life.

Inclusion & Equity

The company leverages our operations to connect people from different backgrounds, identities, abilities and socio-economy status to foster equity and a better standard of living for the communities we touch.

Financial Prosperity

We generate as much value as we can to help everyone who works with us to achieve financial security and improve their quality of life.

Environmental Prosperity

The company conserves and restores resources in the creation and delivery of its products and services for the benefit of future generations.

Company Purpose

Our reason for being is to solve a specific, worthy problem.

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