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The report fee includes the setup, custom URLS, survey support, the final summary report, as well as an optional 1 hour report debrief to explore the findings of your assessment. The fee is based on the number of survey respondents included in the analysis and is due upon receipt of the Summary Report:

  • <200 responses = $1500
  • 200-499 responses = $2000
  • 500-999 responses = $3000
  • 1000-1999 responses = $4500
  • >2000 responses = custom pricing

Let’s take a closer look at the process:


We recommend conducting your Stakeholder Score Assessment with people who are reasonably familiar with how the company operates (e.g. employees, board members, key investors, senior leadership). We will provide you a unique survey URL for each group you identify.

Community members/leaders where you do business.

Sample Size

In most cases, the more feedback you can collect, the better. We encourage you to send the survey out to as many people in each stakeholder group as you can. For help in determining a target sample size for each stakeholder group, use this Qualtrics calculator.

Step 2 – SURVEY

We will help you customize the following email copy for your company along with adding appropriate deadlines for submission.

Sorting URLS
The Stakeholder Score team will give you sorting URLs for each stakeholder category you submit (Limit 6). This will allow you to look at difference between groups. To make those differences meaningful, however, you should try to not have any group represent less than 20% of your total responses.

Response Deadline
Your response deadline must be made very clear to your stakeholders.  It is the date that triggers the reporting process in the Stakeholder Score team and any responses received after this deadline will not be included in the results of your survey.

Step 3 – ANALYZE

When you receive your responses and detailed report, discuss them with your leadership team and align on what ONE thing you will do to improve your scores. Don’t bite off more than you can chew here. This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself and make sure your changes, if they are effective, can be sustained. Plan on using this tool to check on your progress periodically, at least annually.

Step 4 – EVOLVE

Watch your performance steadily strengthen over the next several years (assuming you do the work to improve your scores on this assessment). The Stakeholder Score checks your company’s vital signs. Just like your physical health – your company health is sophisticated and requires intentional effort to improve. The out-dated ways of thinking make us endangered; it’s time to evolve.

Company Demographics
The Stakeholder Score team is studying how this survey process is performing, which companies are using it and based on their experience, how it can be optimized.  Understanding the size, geography, industry, age and ownership status of companies helps this process.

Data and Privacy
The Stakeholder Score is an open source project.  The data collected through this process will be held in private SurveyMonkey and Google Drive accounts by the Stakeholder Score team with whatever data security guarantees and limitations that affords.  Beyond that, the Stakeholder Score team will not share individual company response data with anyone other than an authorized representative from that company, without the express permission of such a representative.  Aggregate response data may be shared for research purposes but only without company names.  

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