The “Vital Signs” of Stakeholder Capitalism

The Stakeholder Score Assessment is a first-of-its-kind, open-source, 360-assessment for evaluating the health of a company’s stakeholder ecosystem. We help you quickly segment stakeholders into functional groups that can be meaningfully measured and significantly impacted through data-informed interventions

This is not an arduous, in-depth diagnostic that takes months to complete – it usually takes just a few weeks. The survey itself only takes a respondent 5-10 minutes to complete. By asking the right questions of the right groups, you’ll have the “vital signs” for the health of your company’s stakeholder relationships.

Certified Stakeholder Score Practitioners

We take the quality of our Assessments very seriously. We’re gathering insights across industries and across the globe. You will receive your Certification Training along with your first Assessment. The best way to learn is by doing. Our Master Trainers will work with you step-by-step along the way as you prepare to assess your own company or your client’s company.

A Certification Badge is issued to every practitioner who successfully completes the training. Official SSC Badges link to your Practitioner page on our site.

As a Certified Stakeholder Score Practitioner, you will:

  • Learn how the six areas of the Stakeholder Score each contribute to stakeholder relationship health
  • Learn how to meaningfully segment stakeholders into measurable, actionable groups and map stakeholders for analysis
  • Learn best practices for stakeholder relationship management across an organization
  • Learn how to use the Stakeholder Score Report to gain actionable insights into strengthening those relationships

And, your Certification is evergreen, provided you complete at least one Stakeholder Score Assessment every 12 months. You can restart a dormant Certification at any time by simply paying the market rate for a new Assessment – this will include a limited training update for any changes you may have missed.

As a Certified Stakeholder Score Practitioner, from the date of your most recent Assessment you will receive 12 months of:

  • Reduced pricing for additional Stakeholder Score Assessments
  • Ongoing training in best practices among our global community
  • Access to support from the community of Certified Practitioners & Master Trainers
  • Exclusive input and oversight as part of the team stewarding the ongoing development of the open-source Stakeholder Score
Assessment Response CountBase Assessment Price + In-house ConsultingCertified Practitioner Training + 1st Assessment Certified Practitioner Assessment Price
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If you are a consultant/advisor and not an employee of the company to be assessed
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