Why does it work?

Sustainable and resilient company growth emerges from healthy interconnection with all stakeholders

Collaborative Relationships

The company builds long-term trusting partnerships through open communication and transparency that helps all of the people impacted by the business to thrive.

Helping People Thrive

In addition to creating jobs, the company cultivates the talents and potential of the people it impacts to help them live their best life.

Inclusion & Equity

The company leverages our operations to connect people from different backgrounds, identities, abilities and socio-economy status to foster equity and a better standard of living for the communities we touch.

Financial Prosperity

We generate as much value as we can to help everyone who works with us to achieve financial security and improve their quality of life.

Environmental Prosperity

The company conserves and restores resources in the creation and delivery of its products and services for the benefit of future generations.

Company Purpose

Our reason for being is to solve a specific, worthy problem.

Says who?

The Stakeholder Score was created, and is maintained with the help of many business leaders and expert consultants who see the need for a more circumspect scorecard for business. There is no catch here. We’re not trying to sell you or your stakeholders anything, and we’re not going to abuse your data. We’re trying to expand the scope of what business leaders pay attention to so that businesses can truly become a force for good.

Example Summary Page of Stakeholder Score Report

For Consultants

As an open-source collaborative, the Stakeholder Score team is excited to partner with like-minded business consultants. Looking for a simple assessment tool to help jumpstart your services with clients? We’ll provide you with everything you need to help your clients use the Stakeholder Score assessment – including our team’s insights on each client report. And, it all flows through you. The report reveals tremendous opportunities for growth and improvement. It’s up to you how you help to guide your client from there. We believe in empowering stakeholder-centered consultants. Contact us today to start leveraging the Stakeholder Score assessment in your practice.

Meet our team

The Stakeholder Score belongs to everyone. To make sure of that, this team currently serves as the governing body overseeing its development and distribution.
Dorothy Mankey

Dorothy Mankey

Dorothy likes to joke that she earned an "MBA" in Conscious Capitalism during her time as a Mission and Culture leader at Whole Foods Market, where she helped design and launch the Academy for Conscious Leadership. Dorothy works with entrepreneurs and leaders across industries to develop cultures where multiple stakeholders flourish. Dorothy is also a certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, helping build courage in teams and organizations.

Nathan Havey

Nathan Havey

Nathan Havey is the Founding Partner of Thrive Consulting Group. A large Midwestern franchise worked with Nathan to create the culture turnaround that has the company on track to grow 10X in the coming decade, and landed the Co-CEO's on the cover of Conscious Company Magazine (Spring 2018). Nathan is a sought-after speaker on using business as a force for good and he leads the global consultant certification program for Conscious Capitalism Inc.

Scott Peeples

Scott Peeples

A Florida MBA, Scott has invested a decade in the healthcare and fitness industries co-founding and serving as President and COO of a leading corporate wellness platform, Peerfit, that allows employees to exercise with their friends at over 5000 gyms across the country. Since transitioning leadership at the company in 2018, he now consults for businesses internationally on corporate culture, organizational psychology, leadership development, and stakeholder integration.

Tara Jenkins

Tara Jenkins

Tara Jenkins is the founder of Conscious Revolution, an organization that partners with leaders to create conscious businesses, and one of the first Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultants in the world. Tara has spent over 20 years shaping and influencing leadership and culture as an HR leader in various industries and global companies, including a global veterinary diagnostic $2B company with over 10,000 employees. She has a BA in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and her master’s degree in Organizational Development and Leadership from St. Joseph’s University. She is a Board member of ProsperityME, a peer counselor at EmpowerWork.org, and an Olympia’s Leader Advisor for the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute.

Brie Roper

Brie Roper

Brie Roper has been a member of the BIGGBY® COFFEE universe since 2008. Her passion for coffee paired nicely with her passion for coaching and developing people. In 2011, she joined the BIGGBY® COFFEE Home Office where she has worn several different hats, including Franchise Profitability Coach and Manager of Training. She is one of the founding members of the BOOST Sphere – BIGGBY’s culture and people development team. Brie had the privilege of serving on the leadership team when it crafted the company’s higher purpose of supporting people in building a life they love. In her current role, Brie and her teammates are launching the Life You Love Laboratory – an innovative personal development curriculum for people who are ready to intentionally build a life they love.

Brian Mohr

Brian Mohr

Brian is the Co-Founder and Managing Member of Mohr Impact Group, a purpose-based consultancy focused on spreading the principles of conscious business to ignite a long-term, stakeholder-oriented practice of capitalism. With more than 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, talent development, and entrepreneurial leadership, Brian is passionate about helping organizations hire, inspire, and develop their people while delivering increasing levels of value and impact for all. He serves on the board of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., is the co-author of 'Hiring on Purpose', and a passionate public speaker on the importance of infusing more authentic human connection in our ever-increasing digital world.

What stakeholders say

China Califf

China Califf

COO Colorado Lending Source

"The Stakeholder Score tool is a simple way to identify areas of strength and weakness within your organization and track progress over time. Everyone can benefit from utilizing it!"

Laura Eich

Laura Eich


"Finding out our stakeholder score helped me to focus our leadership team on some critical issues we've been ignoring for too long - and it was SO EASY to use!"

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